Cross-cutting Roundtables

Sustainable Finance Taskforce

With the objective of promoting a space for dialogue between the agro-industrial productive sector and financial and insurance entities in relation to common climate commitments, the Sustainable Finance Taskforce is generated within the PACN. The purpose of this transversal roundtable is to generate a cooperative exchange that allows working together on the robustness of environmental performance indicators, particularly the carbon footprint, in the Argentine agro-industrial sector, thus responding optimally to the requirements of the financial system based on its environmental evaluation of clients and projects.

Multimodal Logistics Hub

The multiple logistical links that connect the different production and marketing stages are a key mechanism for the supply of Argentine agro-industrial products. All the tools developed by the PACN sectoral roundtables consider logistical stages. Understanding that there are operational characteristics and improvement proposals common to all value chains, the Multimodal Logistics Hub has been formalized within the PACN. This space allows the logistics chapter to be addressed through the participation of operators and automotive companies in a transversal manner, providing common value to all developments.

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