Seals System

How are seals awarded?

In order to communicate the actions that the Argentine agro-industrial productive sector carries out to manage its environmental performance and mitigate its impact, the PACN has developed a scheme of accrediting seals.

The PACN grants its SEAL 1 to all the members of the PACN in order to communicate and recognize their participation within the initiative.

In turn, the PACN Calculation Manual and its specific calculator for each product allow any productive actor in Argentina to calculate the carbon footprint of the product in its partial or total scope and prepare, if deemed, a certification process be carried out by an accredited independent body. Based on the result of this certification, the PACN assigns SEAL 2 in the event that the result thereof indicates a situation of generation of emissions, and SEAL 3 in the event that the product achieves a result of carbon neutralitity.

Membership Seal

Carbon Balance Seal

Carbon Neutral Seal

Registry of Certifying Companies and Organizations


Registration Requirements for Certifying Companies and Organizations under the PACN*


Registration Form*

Registry of Certifying Companies and Organizations

Certification Annexed Note*

*Available in Spanish.

Would you like to apply for your PACN seal?

Contact the PACN:


SEAL 1: Participate in the PACN Roundtables.


SEAL 2 & 3: Send the data of the product, the company and the certificates issued by the independent body, complying with the requirements of each of the seals to the PACN.

All the PACN seals can be placed on the communication pieces as well as on the product.

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